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Moving & People Handling Training (Level 2)


Welcome to our Manual Handling and Patient Handling Course. In today's world, where the well-being of both patients and caregivers is paramount, this course stands as a beacon of knowledge and safety. In this training course, we will explore the vital principles and practices of safe manual handling and patient care. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or new to the field, this course promises to equip you with the essential skills to ensure the safety and comfort of those you care for and to protect your own well-being. Let's embark on this journey together towards safer, more effective care.


  • 9 Sections
  • 26 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • 0 Assignments
  • 45m Duration
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Understanding the Importance of Manual Handling in Healthcare
4 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Introduction: How to Study
  2. Definition of manual handling
  3. The significance of manual handling in healthcare
  4. Legislation and regulations
Lesson 2: Safe Patient Handling and Mobility
2 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Types of mobility concerns in patients
  2. Impact of poor manual handling on patients and healthcare staff
Lesson 3: Principles of Safe Lifting
3 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Proper posture and body mechanics
  2. Reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries
  3. The concept of a neutral spine
Safe Lifting Techniques
3 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Lifting techniques: Manual handling aids
  2. Team lifting and communication
  3. Safe lifting techniques in the workplace
Risk Assessment for Patient Handling
3 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Identifying risks associated with manual handling
  2. Risk assessment tools and documentation
  3. Developing safe patient handling plans
Care Planning for Safe Patient Handling
3 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Tailoring care plans to individual patient needs
  2. Involving patients in their care plans
  3. Continual assessment and adjustment of care plans
Back injuries
7 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Statistics on Back Injuries in Healthcare
  2. Impact of Back Injuries on Healthcare Staff
  3. Reporting and Recording Procedures
  4. Common causes of back injuries in healthcare
  5. The Spine
  6. Intervertebral discs & Conditions
  7. Slipped Disc
Principals of Safe Lifting
1 Lesson0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Dynamic Risk Assessments: TILE
0 Lessons1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. Manual and People Handling Quiz
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